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Can a fitness tracker help you save on health insurance

Preventative medicine is a simple answer to cut down on doctor visits and health insurance. Getting fit by building muscle, maintaining your weight and changing your energy levels has a direct impact on your long term health and necessary hospital care. You can now use technology to build your fitness levels as a simple solution to save and stay healthy.

There are now several wearable fitness trackers you can use to track both your diet and exercise levels. By using these applications you cut down costs by receiving extra incentives from health insurance providers.

Using apps to reach fitness goals and monitor your workouts now offers new opportunities to jump to new levels of health. There are several health care providers that have offered tracking from apps in exchange for rewards. These apps monitor your daily physical activities, including sleep levels. It adds up your physical activity in exchange for rewards, including cash and gift certificates. Misfit, introduced by Oscar is one of the well – known programs. United Healthcare offers a similar program through Fitbit Charge 2, offering cash prizes for your fitness efforts. You can receive gifts as well as exchange your tracker points for deductions in your insurance program.

With health insurance providers running to the forefront of providing incentives for exercise are others that are also leaping to new opportunities for preventative health care. Pact Health has offered an app through Fitbit & Jawbone. If you reach your goals, you receive cash rewards and if you don’t, you pay out to those who remain fit, leading to lower deductions in insurance for the winners. Optima Health, John Hancock, Cigna, Aetna and Humana are offering similar approaches. Deductibles on insurance, savings of costs per year and discounts from using the trackable devices are readily available for those ready to take a fitness challenge.

Run into a healthier and happier life with preventative tools and technology. Not only will you boost your health levels, you will also calculate savings from various health insurance providers. By using a fitness app you will receive cash back and cut back costs while reaching new levels of fitness.

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Can a fitness tracker help you save on health insurance

Preventative medicine is a simple answer to cut down on doctor visits and health insurance....

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