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AFC vs Banks

Invoice factoring is the right choice for your company vs. the traditional bank financing.

See the difference for yourself.

Bank financing is full of red tape and can take months for the approval process to be successful. Financing with a bank can also take multiple documents such as tax records, financial statements, personal credit, collateral, and time in business requirements just for the approval. The bank does not offer unlimited accounts receivable funding or free credit checks. The biggest problem with bank loans is the credit limit. A credit limit will not help pay your invoices leaving your cash flow at a minimum.

Factoring of accounts receivable is not a loan; factoring is a financial transaction between the business seeking funds and the factoring company.

AFC Invoice Factoring VS. Bank Financing
Start-ups are OK yes   no   Time in business requirements
No collateral required yes no Collateral may be needed
Simple application process yes no Long, comprehensive application
No financials required yes no Financial audit required
No minimum credit required yes no Only very strong credit accepted
Doesn't create new debt yes no Creates new debt

Factoring is an alternative to the traditional bank financing. Once you have sent in your accounts receivable, all we ask is 24 hours to process your accounts to check each clients’ credit (for free) and successfully approve your cash flow.  Also, factoring does not place a cap on how much money you can factor, allowing your business to grow at the pace you want. Just send copies of your invoices to us and we will remit your money directly to you and collect the money from your clients. No extra paperwork is necessary, just fill out the quick application and get started! Don’t get caught in the tight bank credit requirements; factoring offers quick growth and long term stability.

Factoring your accounts receivable is “cash in the bank” with immediate and unlimited funding. Don’t rely on a bank loan to keep your business running. Let your products/services drive customers to your business and let Advantage Funding Corp. supply you with the cash flow necessary. Apply today and see how quick and easy it really is!

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