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Getting the Best Value From Radio Advertising

Effective marketing for your business requires finding the right advertising channels. Tuning into radio for advertising opportunities guarantees growth in brand recognition and potential sales.

However, there are specific techniques required for top results. Knowing how to approach radio advertising will increase interests to your business from those listening to ads. Following are five tips to gather interest through the radio.

1. Know Your Timing. There are specific times that have increased listeners on the radio. Typically, these are based on drive time, available between 6-10 AM and 4-7 PM. At this time, most are commuting to or from work and use the radio to catch up with news and information. Using these target times for a message will instantly increase brand awareness.

2. Plan Your Script. Keeping your message short, to the point and with a target of specific listeners gets better results. Your ad should be less than 30 seconds and with a specific call to action.

3. Research Your Listeners. There are specific demographic segments that tune into different shows. You will want to advertise on the radio shows that are expected to attract a certain listener. This can be determined by talk shows and type of music being played.

4. Create Strategic Placement. Every form of advertising requires positioning for effective results. On the radio, you will want to use this same method. Buying ads on more than one station, rotating ads on different stations and limiting how much you spend on one radio show will create a stronger impact and response to a wider variety of listeners.

5. Maintain Your Presence. Radio ads are targeting passive listeners that may not be as involved in what they are listening to. You will want to buy a minimum of 12 ads a week to effectively grab the attention of those turning on your show.

Radio is known as one of the strongest advertising channels, with over 12,000 stations available. You can easily tune into a target market interested in your business with radio ads. Understanding how to effectively get results is the first step to strategically building your brand identity.

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