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How to send encrypted emails the easy way

Protection and security from emails is often limited for users. Data breaches, hacking and content becoming public overrides the expectation of having online privacy.

If you want to keep your information private, then encrypted emails ensures total privacy. Knowing about encryption alternatives stops others from interfering with your private information.

1. Looking For Default Encryption. There are several email providers commonly used by the public because of convenience and popularity. Some also guarantee automated encryption, such as Gmail and Outlook. You will want to look at default settings of providers and understand stipulations, such as settings that change when you send to a different email provider.

2. Built In Settings. Companies such as Outlook supplies users with settings that enhances security. If you have private information being sent over a server, then you can encrypt the message until a digital signature unlocks the email messages, ensuring that only the desired user receives the message.

3. Secure Email Providers. Getting out of mainstream email services is one of the most convenient ways to add protection. Free accounts, such as Ghostmail and Protonmail provide automated encryption and extra protection for the emails you send. The effectiveness of these; however, is often limited by other recipients also being a member of the platform.

4. Temporary Platforms. There are plugins as well as software applications that keep security higher without extra signatures. Some email services allow you to send a message then delete it after it’s read, stopping hackers from finding your information. Snapmail, for instance, connects to Gmail to immediately erase emails you send, guaranteeing secrecy with your communication.

Privacy and security with emails are often questioned by those using public email providers. Using encryption for confidential information stops hackers from interfering with your information. Adding in temporary platforms or using encryption software ensures that your individual information remains private while allowing you to send information online.

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