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Georgia Takes the #1 Spot for Film Production

Hollywood and the UK film space is seeing steep competition from other localities. Georgia has officially taken the first spot for the location with the most film productions in 2016. The State has invited incentives and opportunities to producers, creating a prime location for some of the greatest movies of 2016. This is creating a shift in the film industry and altering the focus for those interested in production in new locations.

A recent study has ranked Georgia in first place, specifically by showing statistics of how the State has taken over the movie space. They featured more film productions in the past year than California and the U.K., including 17 top films out of 100. This includes features such as “Passengers,” “The 5th Wave” and “Captain America.” The U.K. followed closely behind with a total of 16 films, Canada ranked third with 13 films and California featured a total of 12 of the movies. These statistics show an alternative for those looking into the next great production.

The attraction to Georgia is based on the State’s steadfast commitment to the region. They have stepped into the spotlight to provide movie producers with incentives and space for new films. This includes over $606 million in tax revenue for the film incentive program. The program allows producers to have 30% of the production provided back as a transferable credit on the free market. The equation has led to an accumulated spending of $2.02 billion in film spending and is expected to continue to grow.

The features Georgia has placed with it’s unique State is continuing to attract international interest. It is expected that the region will continue to accelerate by providing support for movie producers, not only within the United States, but also at an international level. The landscapes, incentives and Southern hospitality to support the film industry is paving a new set for the latest releases.

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