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Building Quality of Life With Atlanta's Mid Town Big Projects

Atlanta has upgraded quality of life with bigger projects that highlight and upgrade the city. Beginning in 2016, the city began construction for larger, contemporary buildings that compliment the southern tone. The new architectural wonders have begun creating a stronger city and greater lifestyle for those that are in Atlanta.

Currently, there are over 45 projects taking place in Mid Town of Atlanta. While some of these are larger, others are designed to upgrade the living space of those within the region. It has been noted that the amount of development in one region is often not a part of the submarket, specifically because of the focus only on mid town. The projects are redefining Atlanta as a great place to live and helping to create a greater landscape for the region.

The beginning of the mid town bigger projects in 2016 is not expected to slow down. The focus is inclusive of residential areas, boutique to retail spaces and hotels that are redefining the skyline of Atlanta. Many of the projects focus on larger skyscrapers, such as a 32 story building to renovations of older areas that are being utilized for a contemporary vision.

The projects underway are taking place through Peachtree Street and surrounding areas. Some of the buildings include:

- The Selig Project: A 32 story building that combines residential, retail and hotel space
- 1138 Peachtree Street: Over 20,000 square feet of retail space
- Pollack Shores: A 5 story, 13,500 square foot residential building
- 195 13th Street: A 27 story residential building for families is currently under construction
- 640 Peachtree Street: A 238 room hotel with 18 floors is currently being planned by Fox Theater
- 715 Peachtree Street: An upgraded retail space to an old building is about to open
- 881 Peachtree Street: A 28 story mixed tower with retail and residential units, to be completed in 2019
- Moxy Hotel: Just beginning is a new, 10 story hotel bought by Noble Investments
- Alexan 880 – this 22 story building is being converted to retail space and residential units
- Alta at the Park: A combined 19 story residential building with 1200 square feet of retail
- AMLI Arts Center: Over 30 stories of residential units with 3400 feet of retail space facing the MARTA Art Center Station
- Apogee Midtown: Defined as the largest building under construction, this 38 story tower will include residential units and 6,500 square feet of retail space
- Ascent Midtown: A combined 27 story residency with a 14 story hotel is currently under construction for completion in 2018 – 19
- Atlanta Biltmore Hotel: Georgia Tech is looking at incorporating a Tech Square into this historical location
- Azure on the Park: A 28 story residential building with 3,200 square feet of retail space
- Broadstone Terraces: A new, 8 story residential building with 218 units
- Coda: Technology Square is adding in a 22 story tower for office space, computing and retail space
- Colony Square: Upgrades are now being done for more retail space in this historic area
- Emory Proton Treatment Center: Additional room is being considered for this medical facility
- Eviva: 32 story residential sky rise
- Hampton Inn and Suites: Featuring a 19 story high rise
- Hanover Midtown
- Lilli Midtown: An increased number of residential areas of 24 stories and retail space
- MetLife Mixed Use: New facilities for medical needs is now being considered in the downtown region
- Modera: A 29 story residential area, known for it’s contemporary style
- NCR Corporate Headquarters:
- Northside Medical Building
- One Museum Place
- Opus Place
- Peachtree at 17th Street
- Post Midtown
- SLS Atlanta Hotel and Residencies
- Spring House
- The Fox Theater
- The Standard
- The Woodruff Arts Center
- Whole Foods

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