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Municipal Communication Announces Tower Completion

As a part of the modern expansion in the heart of Georgia, a new tower has arisen to support the regional communities. Municipal Communications has just announced the completion of a self – support tower, designed to improve the infrastructure in Glynn County. The tower completion comes as a welcome upgrade to those living in the region, offering expanded coverage to the area.

The new tower completion is located by the Golden Isles Parkway in Glynn County. It comes as an important endeavor, specifically because of the route location. It is one of the main routes from Atlanta to Augusta and into Jekyll Island and Saint Simons. The tower is not only essential for the residents of the region. The different routes are known as top vacation destinations, making the tower an important item to improve the hospitality accommodations that many expect when they are away from home.

The tower improves coverage that is within the various localities of Glynn County. It has been developed with six antenna arrays. This upgrades the area to modern accommodations by increasing the range of available signals as well as providing more capacity for communication. The tower is expected to provide the communities with cost effectiveness and a long term upgrade to the infrastructure required for travelers and residents.

Upgrades to modern amenities offer diverse regions with new opportunities. The tower completion in Glynn County is one that is expected to provide more coverage to the region, supporting the vacation area and the residents of the location. Municipal Communications expects to continue to provide more services to the area by assisting with development of these valuable assets to the community.

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