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10+ Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Your ability to reach customers determines the success of your business. If you are working as an entrepreneur or have limited capital as a small business, then you want to spend your money wisely. Using resources on marketing can cause a loss in your potential to build the company in the way you desire. Creativity offers a simple solution to reach your target market without the extra expense. These 14 ideas will help you to launch into a thriving business.

1. Content Is Key. Content is a free way to find your target market. You can look at added words for your website or you can blog, link and write for other websites that compliment your website.

2. PR. Articles, news and magazines are often a good support system for growing entrepreneurs and businesses. Find a news worthy item to pitch to your local news or magazine for extended exposure.

3. Show Your Expertise. Articles, e-books, webinars, videos, manuals or other information based items will assist with attracting your target market to you while helping you to grow your business value.

4. Sponsorship. If you have a local business, consider sponsoring a group that is complimentary to your business, such as a sports or art team.

5. Community networking. Whether you move into the local arena of business contacts or teach at a workshop, this can help with fast and effective exposure to show your products and services while highlighting your expertise.

6. Create a competition. Potential customers love to get items for free. By beginning an award system or competition, you will easily be able to get recognition and spread the word about your products and services.

7. Offer free events. A free seminar or event will easily gather interest in your locality. You can consider online events or community areas that allow you to speak and tell others what you provide.

8. Word of mouth. It is known that word of mouth is one of the most effective formulas for advertising, often equating to over 50% of sales. Start a referral program in which your current customer receives a discount or award if their friend uses your products or services.

9. Partner with complimentary providers. Often, entrepreneurs will find ways to team up for their business. If you are offering a product or service that has complimentary businesses, then work as partners to double exposure.

10. Social networks. Online and digital advertising can help you to reach new customers. Social media, such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, as well as emails and forums, will help you to find potential leads that may not be in your current vicinity.

11. Marketing Materials. Consider bumper stickers, window decals, postcards and other items that you can continue to display in your local area.

12. Case Studies. If you are offering a profound innovation, consider getting case studies over the effectiveness of what you offer.

13. Offer something for free. Nothing attracts customers more than the word free. Consider short, free consultations or additional items that one can take for free to build customer loyalty.

14. Personal relations. Keeping track of your customers easily builds your reputation. Make sure you contact customers during birthdays or special occasions to remind them of your business while offering a special discount in return.

With these simple and creative solutions, you will easily build your business brand reputation. For low to no cost, your business will quickly gain recognition while you create buzz about your unique products and services.

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