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5 Little-Known Credit Card Benefits

Our lives are scattered with the occasional minor disaster. Unfortunately, some of those disasters, like a fender bender in a rental car, can be expensive and come at the most inopportune times. Look no further than your credit card company for help. Here are five common but less well-known benefits of which to be aware.

1. Rental car insurance
If you rent cars very often, it can be tiring, expensive or both to hear the same script about additional insurance every time. Credit card companies often have car rental insurance programs, charging a flat fee for the entire rental period, rather than by day. Contact your credit card company for details on rental car protection.

2. Extended warranty coverage
Extended warranty coverage comes standard on virtually all purchases for many credit cards. Originally paying cash for a now broken laptop would have meant doubling down on the expense for replacement. Instead, covered purchases can be reimbursed by check from the credit card company in as little as a day.

3. Spending tracking
Many people try to follow a budget almost religiously. For those that aren't so great and would like to get better, credit card companies are making it increasingly easy to track spending. Online tools make it easier to look at your spending habits and make adjustments.

4. Concierge services
Concierge services have become available to more card members, outside of the elite. Things like finding sold-out concert tickets or booking spur of the moment travel are right up their alley.

5. Trip cancellation insurance
Even the most well planned things fail sometimes. Flights booked months in advance are notoriously difficult to cancel without airlines charging outrageous cancellation fees. The next time you face this situation, call your credit card company. Many companies cover trip cancellation fees up to an annual limit.

Your credit card company may offer other perks as well. Read your agreement and visit their website. Before you pay up for scalped tickets, trip cancellation or car rental insurance, check with your credit card company for coverage.

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5 little-known credit card perks

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