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Advertising Works When Puzzle Pieces Fit

Make Your Advertising Work

Advertising is a major part of customer acquisition. But there are a lot of bad advertising campaigns. We see them everyday. Here are some suggestions to make your advertising work effectively.


Everything boils down to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Always deliver on any promises your business makes in advertisements. Repeat customers make a lasting, successful business. If you fail to meet expectations that you set in your advertising, how many customers do you think will stick around?

Treat your company's advertising as a contract with prospective customers. They will talk about your business, especially if they have a negative experience. When customers talk to their friends and colleagues, will they tell a positive story, or a negative one? Advertising can be great, but positive word of mouth is better.


Many companies almost seem to have an official policy to under-promise and over-deliver. You should always strive and build a culture within your company of exceeding customer expectations. Setting the bar too low, however, can get you into trouble. Why would new customers choose your company over a competitor if your advertising paints a picture of mediocrity? If your world-class customer service sets your business apart from your competitors, let the world know.

If you're having trouble delivering on promises of a prior or current ad campaign, take the opportunity to improve your business. Figure out where you're falling short, and devise systems to ensure consistent positive outcomes.

On the other hand, if you've been sandbagging in the past, all is not lost either. You can either update your campaign to more accurately reflect your business, or you can create a new campaign showcasing the difference between former promises and the true capabilities of your business.

There are virtually endless ways to advertise your business, make sure your choice is done right and follow through with your promises.

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