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How Do I Find New Customers?

New customers are essential to continued growth for your business. In some fields, new customers are the only way to stay in business. Here are three ways to find new local customers.

Focus your search

While you may have a "conquer the world" mindset to customer acquisition, even the most successful generals in history focussed their efforts on one small area at a time. Pick a neighborhood, suburb, or other region of your local area to start with. Look at businesses located there with which you're familiar. It's much easier to establish yourself in a small area than to spread yourself thin across a much larger area.

Deliver value

After you find your first potential client, show how your services will benefit their business. As a web designer, show how you can improve their website, but don't be overly negative of their existing site. As a writer, show how you can improve their SEO performance with quality articles and blog posts. Potential customers only become new customers if they see value in what you're offering. Show business owners how how your services can increase their bottom line, save time or both.

Persistence is key

Getting a new client on a first meeting is a virtual pipe dream. Be persistent without being annoying. Business owners are busy people. They often need time to think about hiring a new service provider. Having a busy business owner interested in your services is a good thing. Successful businesses often have busy owners.

When you do contact them, don't just talk about yourself when you contact them. Remember, you're providing value. Tell them about events that could be useful to their business. Offer to introduce them to other clients that you think they could benefit from meeting. Until they tell you to leave them alone, continue to keep in touch.

Finding new business doesn't have to be difficult. Looking in your local area is a great starting place. Just remember that business owners are concerned with their own business, just like you. The more you talk about yourself, the less they'll want to hear. Focus conversations on their business, and you'll be more successful.

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