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Who Should You Advertise To?

Advertise to Your Ideal Customers

Many business owners think that the best advertising strategy is to get their ads in front of the greatest number of people possible. This is not the case.

Consider a high end landscaping company. Would you want ads for your services to be seen by thousands of random people in a downtown setting where most people rent or live in apartments or condos without yards? Or would you rather target homeowners in a wealthy neighborhood? The right kind of exposure always beats the scattershot approach, and is often much cheaper.

Of the thousands of people who might see your landscaping ad in a busy downtown location, some might be homeowners who commute from the suburbs. Many of them do their own yard work, further reducing your possible client pool.

Effective advertising isn't just about message. You need to use a targeted approach to get the most out of your advertising budget. It's like pre-qualifying your sales leads. A warm sales lead is better than making hundreds of cold calls.

So, who is your ideal client? Develop a model of who would be likely to use your product or service. Some things to consider include age, income, geographic location, education, gender, job title, marital status and more. Many other categories may apply to your specific industry. Think about anything that will narrow your focus to find your ideal advertising audience.

That's the traditional line of thought, defining your ideal customer. Here's another approach to try. Look at your existing customers. As a professional landscaper, you may want the multi-million dollar estate contracts, but maybe your current customers are mostly busy families who would rather spend time doing things other than caring for their yard. Who is your current average customer, and where can you find more like them?

Every business owner would like to land the big fish as a client, or even multiple big fish. But don't look past your current customers. They already pay for your product or service. They are why you've made it to your current level. Learn as much as you can about them and how you can better serve them, because they are most like the people you should target with your advertising.

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