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Invoice Factoring for Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Services
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Managers in commercial building within the private and public sector depend a lot on providers of janitorial service to clean their facilities and keep them as functional as possible. Nonetheless, these clients can take over a month to fund outstanding invoices. This leaves a cash flow problem in the janitorial company affecting its operations. Such a problem can be distressing but there’s a way out.

Janitorial service invoice factoring can help you secure the needed working capital to keep your company afloat and clients satisfied.

How it works with Janitorial Cleaning Services

Janitorial factoring service for receivables is a transnational series that simply work by converting a company’s unpaid invoices into the funds needed to run the business. After factoring approval has gone through, simply submit all types of invoices and access the working capital you need. it's just that simple!

Most janitorial factoring transactions work in the following way:

  • A janitorial service is provided to a customer. You send an invoice to them for the service provided and provide the factoring company with a copy.
  • Verification is done by the factoring company to confirm the work was completed including the accuracy of the invoice. In 24 hours you’re funded with 70 percent of the amount indicated on the invoice.
  • Carry on with the work and offer services to the same client or others as required, invoice them send the factoring company the invoices.
  • As you continue offering your service the factor works with the customers to close all open invoices. After the payment of the invoice, the factor will remove the amount they offered you plus a little factoring fee and send you the rest.

Of course the amount that comes out of the factoring process can be used to cover diverse areas. You have the liberty to hire extra staff perhaps to serve fresh clients and more areas, purchase supplies and equipment required to offer more specialized services or simply work better.

Janitorial factoring is all about the sales you make. All the investments you put in the business will pay up as the cash flow continues to grow.

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Security Companies

Security Services Factoring - Fast Turn Around
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Security companies are all about protection. Nonetheless, there’s a gap in protection when dealing with potential cash flow deficits. Lots of security guard firms are quite successful in their business. However, the way their industry is makes it hard for them to access business loans the conventional way due to the fact that their most important asset is their employees.

Security guard factoring can definitely smooth out the problems with cash flow more so in the area of mid monthly payroll needs. Just like other staffing companies, a security company also has needs for extra funding from time to time.

By factoring the receivables of the company’s open accounts we provide the needed funding.


We understand quite well that our services might not be required every month, unlike other security guard factoring businesses out there. Thus we don’t ask for lasting contracts but simply work together on a month long basis until the next time you need us. We hardly require monthly volume minimums and we can factor as much as possible to the tune of millions as your company takes off.

Termination fee is not charged after you’ve stopped using our factoring facilities, as much as we might have great customer ratings. Lots of security companies usually have diverse contracts with varied payment dates. Consequently, cash flow usually evens out as limited income periods go down. This provides the security company with readily available funds. At such a time factoring is no longer required.

After your customers have repaid us according to the invoice terms in place, we’ll let you know about all the fees to be deducted before hand and then have the residual funds deposited into your company account. 

This is hardly a loan and money is not being borrowed on security guard facilities for the future. As such the risk to your business is nil. Also, schedule repayment plans aren’t needed and the amount funded doesn’t attract any interest.

Since 1975 we’ve provided factoring services across the security industry, which has given us extensive experience. We’ve also worked with well known firms within the industry across the nation. Our national appeal allows us to rapidly and efficiently review each customer’s creditworthiness. This allows us to approve applications and have an agreement ready for your perusal in not more than 24 hours.

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