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Have New Projects that Need Funding?

With construction factoring you can deal with all cash flow problems. Unpaid invoices in your construction work can stop you from working as you want, or offering needed services to your customers or even seek larger better paying projects. The size and type of your construction company doesn’t matter. Our construction factoring works with anyone. Whether you’re a new construction start-up with big dreams or a company with decades of experience we can get you the instant funding you need.

How it works for construction

Construction factoring service for receivables is a transnational series that simply work by converting a company’s unpaid invoices into the funds needed to run the business. After factoring approval has gone through, simply submit all types of invoices and access the working capital you need. it's just that simple! You’re then funded with 70 percent of the total open invoices amount for the cash you require to pay vendors, get new supplies or cover a payroll.

Factoring service for a construction company offers so many benefits:

  • Access cash rapidly-after the initial 3-5 days approval, funding will be done in 24 hours or a few hours
  • Creditworthiness not basis of approval-customers’ credit is as is
  • Enjoy fast pay discounts-most vendors offer them and fast cash ensures you miss none
  • Flexibility-Terms are flexible
  • Transparent-zero hidden fees
  • Not a loan-the facility is not a loan and there’s nothing to repay

Bank loan vs. Factoring

Your construction invoices in the hands of a factoring company ensures your company continues offering services without cash flow problems. Bank construction loans require a protracted process to be approved and the approval terms are severely strict. If your construction business doesn’t have the perfect credit or collateral approval for a bank loan won’t happen. Even if the funding goes through the funding might not be adequate.

We can get you the funding your construction business requires without putting you into more debt. As a result, the company will have more credit to build upon due to easy access of funds allowing you to go for bigger jobs and more customers.

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