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When clients pay up open invoices after 30, 45 or more days, maintaining a steady cash flow is really hard. Invoice factoring can work for your cell tower maintenance and construction business for a number of reasons:

Chance to grow and meet your obligations before payment is done 

Obviously, without growth your cell tower maintenance and construction business won’t thrive. As telecom companies grow rapidly and cash flow becomes a challenge, investing in your business for growth purposes can be hard if your customers pay late. 

Rapid access to funds to meet pending expenses 

In the telecom industry waiting for customers to pay up is normal with lots of the invoices closed after 30 days and above. Relying on cash flow to meet normal obligations to pay employees, hire specialized technicians, purchase high-tech equipment among other things can be really hard. By having your cell tower open invoices factored you’ll have the cash flow you require in a few hours or within 24 hours. 

Banks are a No-No For Towers

Cell tower construction firms are not always ready to work with banks for funding. Banks:

  • Leave a debt on the balance sheet
  • Won’t give funding due to bad credit or zero credit history
  • Can refuse to offer more capital 

Factoring is a great option for any telecommunication company due to the flexibility of the financial option and a very short process of application.  Funding is also immediate. 

We also concentrate on your customers’ credit and not your bad or zero credit. Factoring actually allows your bottom line to keep growing at the same rate as your business; the more the jobs or contracts won the more the cash provided in advance. 

Factor your open invoices today and receive the working capital you need for your cell tower construction company. 1-800-241-2274

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