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By factoring your staffing payroll you can get cash out of outstanding invoices in 24 hours.  Invoice factoring is a unique alternative funding method that gets the credit you need fast, particularly when hard pressed or money. The staffing industry has embraced invoice factoring fast particularly due to its rapid, easy and affordable terms. Approval is a sure bet and lack of credit history or bad credit will not materialize anywhere in the transactions.

We work with all types of staffing firms, large and small. Whether your staffing agency has thousands or just a few employees we’ll help you deal with a cash flow problem besetting staffing customers. Whether you’re a new start-up or a staffing company with decades of experience we’re here to help you replenish your cash flow and keep working without the problems of a working capital affecting you.

Same day payroll funding

We work to comprehend the specific objectives defining your company and get you the type of factoring program that meets your payroll needs. The initial funding application procedure can rapidly be done in less than 72 hours. After approval your staffing company can enjoy 24-hour payroll funding.

What’s payroll or staffing factoring?

This is simply a facility allowing you to receive cash advance fast from outstanding invoices. A payroll factoring firm purchases open invoices from your customers at a discount. Your staffing company then receives up to 70 percent of the outstanding invoice and the factoring firm bills customers according to the terms agreed with them. After all the invoices have been fully paid and a little fee deducted the remainder amount is sent to you.

Payroll factoring is not a loan and won’t be a debt you have to worry about. There are no minimum volumes needed giving a staffing agency the chance to factor freely as the need comes up.

How do your temporary staffing company benefit from payroll factoring?

Most clients today pay via terms that make you wait months or days before the payment are released. Also, you might want to extend the terms of payment to attract as many fresh clients as possible. This is where factoring comes in.

We work with all manner of businesses facing challenges in their cash flows, such as:

  • Businesses that have to wait for slow paying customers
  • New companies without credit histories or a credit history that’s not very good
  • Staffing start-ups with limited funds challenges
  • Businesses that go through patterns of seasonal sales
  • Staffing agencies without a working capital to pay up weekly payroll

We offer factoring services for different staffing companies of all stages and sizes. Perhaps you’re a new start-up or a company that has been around for years. We’re here to help you find the right factoring company to meet the needs of your business.

Call us today and let Advantage Funding design you a factoring strategy that will keep your staffing payroll always funded....

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